Welcome to Ultra Precision Firearms and Ammunition

Thank you for visiting our website! We specialize in custom ammunition for hunting as well

as for competition shooting. We also load in bulk for the weekend range shooter. Below are

some of the many things we have in our store, or services that we offer:


  • Silencer Shop S.I.D. Kiosk ( Secure Identity Documentation) We have the only on in Tucson!
  • Firearms (new and used)

  • Ammunition (new as well as reloads)

  • Firearms accessories (mags, gun cases, safes, holsters, targets and more)

  • Optics (rifle scopes, binoculars, range finders) Swarovski and Vortex dealer

  • Silencers (we are partnered with Silencer Shop and have their kiosk for fingerprinting)

  • Reloading equipment & supplies (brass, powder, primers and projectiles)

  • Survival items

  • Hunting supplies

  • Cleaning supplies


  • FFL and NFA transfers

  • Reloading (rifle and handgun)

  • Reloading classes

  • Consignments

  • Firearms safety and CCW courses (coming soon)

  • Scope mounting including lapping the rings and boresighting

  • Long range shooting turrets including chronograph rental

  • Brass cleaning and/or processing

  • Firearms cleaning

  • Mining Equipment

We also buy brass! Receive cash, or use as in store credit.

At UP Firearms you will find a friendly and helpful staff that appreciates your patronage in supporting a local small business.

Thank you for stopping by and happy shooting!

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  1. I visited this store on Wednesday 10/11/2017 for the very first time and I was very impressed. The reception was warm and the selection was nice, for a small store Ultra Precision has a lot to offer.

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